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This uplifting fragrance is a light but powerful blend of floral & fruity goodness . Rich Bitch gently fills your palate with the unique presence of rose, vanilla , & berries - instantly raising your confidence & making you the center of attention . This subtle but noticeable and enticing fragrance is sure to attract abundance & opportunity.

Our fragrances contain all natural essential oils and the purest form of perfumers alcohol . None of our ingredients are harmful to your body or the earth which sets us apart from other perfumery’s that use toxic and synthetic ingredients that over the course of time will harm your body and cause illness . Essential oils are healing . Studies have shown that essential oils may help:

Boost mood.

Improve job performance through reduced stress and increased attentiveness.

Improve sleep.

Kill bacteria, funguses and viruses.

Reduce anxiety and pain.

Reduce inflammation.

Reduce nausea.

Relieve headaches.

Rich Bitch Perfume 1oz- Eau de Parfum

  •  Please allow 5-10 business days for shipping.