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Fear Is Holding Us Back

Since the day we're born, we're whisked out of our parents' arms to be injected with unknown substances creating this illusion that we need this "protection" from the government to survive. While we're on the topic, I would also like to point out that studies completed have led to lawsuits suing Big Pharma for these "vaccinations" that have been found to be the cause of many physical and neurological disorders in children despite the government and its agencies telling you the complete opposite. These lawsuits have been won on many occasions. When you search online, you'll see the CDC and other government ran organizations attempting to debunk these as simply "myths" but numbers and statistics don't lie.

Anyway, all throughout our first few years of life, our parents project their fears onto us. It's parental instinct to want to protect our children since they cannot protect themselves, however have we as a society gone a bit overboard due to indoctrination? Overprotection leads to fear in the overprotected. When we discover and learn to use our hands, we're not yet allowed to feed ourselves out of our parents' fear of a big mess or even worse, choking. When we start to become mobile and we have a little fall, our caretakers drop what they're doing to come to our rescue . When we have a small cough and a slight fever, we're rushed to the hospital at 3am on a Tuesday, only to be prescribed medicine that contains just as much toxicity as the "immunizations" we are given, which ironically don't make us all that "immune" if we really think about it. [insert thinking emoji]

On our first day of school, mom cries and tells everyone how nervous she is to let us go. Mom unknowingly projects her fear on to us in this situation because our young undeveloped minds associate crying and nervousness with something negative which in return causes us to also be nervous and fearful of what lies ahead. When we're caught playing in the dirt, we're scolded and washed off immediately. What ever happened to a little dirt being good for the immune system?

As children, many of us are faced with traumas that will stick with us throughout our whole lives. Trauma instantly creates fear due to the subconscious mind wanting to tread lightly in order to avoid said traumatic event from happening again. I'm not saying that these aren't reasonable fears and feelings, all I'm saying is that this is where fear begins. In order to solve a problem, we must begin at the root.

Fear is not something that just falls from the sky. Fear is created and passed on. Our grandparents' fears became our parents' fears. Our parents' fears become our fears. Our fears become our children's fears and so on. When we look back at our cultural past, we realize that many of our ancestor's were warriors and fearless kings and queens, so where did this fear come from? Throughout history , going back hundreds of thousands of years ago, there was invasion, war, deceit, and cruelty. There has always been two different types of people: those that are fearless and fight for what's right, and those that are fearful and just accept whatever is handed to them- even if its wrong.

There were many uprisings and revolts throughout history because citizens weren't afraid to fight against unjust rulers. If things were unfair, people got together and formed alliances to fight for liberation. However, it seems colonization has trained us to be fearful in order to avoid us wanting to one day overturn their rule. Fearful people are easier to control so they indoctrinate fear into us in many different ways- some subtle, and some very obvious.

A recent event that was very

obvious was the spread of covid-19. The more they mandated masks, the more people wore masks. The more people wore masks, the more perpetual fear was created, instilled and spread. Its very important to note that fear is simply created by US. People that want to manipulate you will always try to scare you, but if you choose not to allow fear to exist in your reality, it won't. For example, I come from a long line of healers and herbalists . During the pandemic, I stuffed my children and I with turmeric, echinacea , garlic, ginger and other amazingly powerful natural herbs. We traveled the world the whole pandemic with no vaccine, and no fear. We stayed healthy & well the whole time. We did not allow them to instill fear into us because it doesn't exist in our reality. Once thing that we were blessed with in this life is free will. We have the option to co-create our reality. If we are presented with fear, we can choose to be scared and stagnant, or we can choose to conquer that fear with love & faith. We choose love because love attracts love. The more we stay in the power of love, the more we realize that we are spiritually protected and while others with ill intentions may try to shoot arrows our way , they'll miss every time. We choose faith because we trust and know that the Universe, the Creator, and our Spirit Guides are working in our favor to keep us divinely protected. It's all about discernment and perspective.

Once we realize that we can choose to be fearless and flow freely, we will realize that we as a society have work to do that requires bold fearlessness. Being in a place of fear allows the government to continue to take our rights away one by one, slowly but surely. An article I read from The Durango Herald in regard to the pandemic says "They have forced the economy to the bottom limits of sustainability. Then in order to make us appreciative and dependent upon them, they are offering small pieces of our lives back to us: Stimulus checks to minimally replace the income that they have stolen from us; an area on the street for a restaurant to serve a small percentage of what it takes to keep a restaurant afloat; unemployment checks to make us spend money that we weren’t allowed to earn for ourselves; maybe an end to other restrictions that were imposed for no apparent reason." I could not have said it any better. When we are fearless enough to stand up for ourselves and others, we will be able to regain our sovereignty and liberty.

Until then, we are still participating in modern day slavery. So what is it going to be? Are you going to retrain your subconscious mind to be fearless and free? Or are you going to continue to be a slave in this organized insanity? Fear is mental slavery. As the late great Marcus Garvey said "We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind.” The choice is yours.


Our life coaching sessions can help you escape the fear mentality so that you can live your life to the fullest without anxiety and fear holding you back from achieving greatness. We provide tools and resources that help you to retrain your subconscious mind in order to change your perspective and form better habits that will set you up for success.

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