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An unexpected burst of blueberry with a spicy kick of pink pepper that is sure to set your senses ablaze. 

Carrier OilCoconut Oil

Key Notes: Orange, Blueberry, Pink Pepper, Sandalwood, Patchouli

Infusions: Blue Cornflower, Lapis Lazuli Crystals.

Midnight Perfume Oil- 10mL

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    • Coconut Oil aids in boosting fat loss, heart health, and brain function. It is also an amazing moisturizer & skin healer.
    • Orange oil is an anti-depressant, natural aphrodisiac and a natural sedative that will calm and relax you.
    • Blueberry Oil helps to treat skin ailments such as psoriasis and eczema. Also aids in decreasing wrinkles. It maintains your skins elasticity & decreases signs of aging. It assists in repairing cells & keeps your skin glowing. It treats skin that is damaged due to radiation burns & chemotherapy. It provides relief from environmental stress. It also moisturizes your skin, keeping it glowing and rejuvenated.
    • Pink Pepper oil is a stimulant & is a good choice to help enhance alertness as well as stamina. It should be avoided before bedtime. It also can be used to help with PMS issues as well as UTI's. Pink Pepper Oil reduces stress & anxiety, as well as relieves discomfort from sore muscles and achy joints. 
    • Sandalwood oil lowers stress & anxiety, and also speeds the healing process of wounds, pimples & spots. Sandal wood improves your memory, relieves pain, helps you sleep and is great for your skin.
    • Patchouli oil treats eczema, dandruff, rheumatism, and digestive ailments. Also helps to relieve depression and control the  appetite. Relieves stress & anxiety, and also can be used as an insecticide.  Helps treat headaches, the common cold and protects the skin from sun damage. 
    • Blue Cornflower has 2,960 antioxidants , is anti-aging, may also be anti cancer , is a natural aphrodisiac, lowers high blood pressure, and helps with weight loss, 
    • Lapis Lazuli Crystal is a stone of protection. It can recognize a spiritual attack and it works to negate the effects of any negative/harmful energies that may be coming your way. It is also a stone of serenity and peace, it calms tempers, releases stress, & brings the mind & body together in harmony. This crystal also encourages self awareness & the ability to take charge of your life. It helps you express yourself without holding back, & encourages honesty, compassion, and integrity. 

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