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Book an Aromatherapy Workshop

Book a wellness aromatherapy workshop for your event or organization

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Service Description

This workshop is an amazing introduction to aromatherapeutic healing ! We, as a society, have become attached to pharmaceutical medications that contain harmful chemicals that are breaking down our minds & our bodies. Ancestors of many cultures used herbal botanicals to heal themselves . We want to reintroduce this natural way of healing so we can return back to living a healthier & cleaner life. Participants will be educated by a certified professional herbalist on aromatherapy and the healing benefits of each herbal botanical oil . All participants will create their own aromatherapeutic healing product according to their specific needs and will be able to take it home and use for their benefit. Organizations we have worked with include but are not limited to: youth camps, group homes, senior citizen centers, and assisted living centers . We are open to working with anyone willing to learn.

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