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What is Aromatherapy ?

Aromatherapy is the practice of using aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the mind, body, and soul. Studies done on patients with some of the most chronic illnesses show that aromatherapy has been reported to reduce stress, strengthen and heal your skin and hair, fight bacteria and infection, improve skin quality, decrease anxiety and increase sleep quality. Aromatherapy has also been scientifically proven to raise your vibrational frequency, which is measured in MHz . Each oil contains its own frequency and will raise your frequency when applied topically or inhaled.

How do our products help you?

There are two ways to use our

aromatherapeutic products:

1. The oils in our hair, body oils, soaps and body butters can be applied directly to your skin. Your skin absorbs the healing oils & they pass through the outer layer of the skin into the bloodstream to do their job.

2. The essential oils can be inhaled directly or indirectly using our perfume oils & candles. Both methods are very effective at helping improve your quality of life & raising your vibrational frequency. Our products offer a variety of ways to utilize the benefits that come with this alternative form of healing. 


How do our products stand out ?

Our products are formulated by a professional Master Herbalist & handcrafted with all natural cruelty-free ingredients. Our oils are also infused with 100% RAW crystals, promoting crystal healing as well as aromatherapeutic healing. Cosmetics infused with crystals help to give you a natural glow, & also offers many energetic benefits that raise your vibrational frequency. A higher vibrational frequency puts you in a better place energetically so that you can manifest and attract all things good your way hence making it possible for our products to not only heal your mind and body - but also your soul. 

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