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How To Use Crystals To Manifest The Life You Want

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

  • Pick the right crystal . You might need to kiss a few frogs before you find your Prince Charming but sometimes you’ll know right away the crystal is meant to be yours because it just stands out . Different crystals have different energetic effects & each crystal has a unique story to tell . Also, another great way to pick crystals is to research their healing properties and get one that can provide you with what you need . For example , if you’re looking for a crystal that can help you find love - you can simply go to google and search up “Crystals that help you find love”.

  • Charge & cleanse your new crystal. Once you pick out your new crystal, it’s very important that you cleanse it of all the energies that it has come into contact with before you. Crystals absorb energy just as much as a sponge absorbs water. A few easy ways to cleanse & recharge them are: washing in salt water , leaving under the sun or moonlight for a few hours or smudging with sage , palo santo sticks or incense .

  • Set your manifestation intentions. The power in this step lives in you . The energy from the crystal is just there to amplify those intentions and get them out to the universe . Sit somewhere quiet and peaceful. While holding the crystals in your hand , close your eyes & connect with them . Feel the energy it brings you and imagine a ray of white light (like a sun beam) coming from your body and the crystal and being dispersed out together into the universe . Visualize yourself having whatever it is you want . Feel the feeling you would feel at the very moment you receive your desire…the feeling of love , excitement , & fulfillment. Bonus: You benefit greatly from saying your desires out loud at some point during your visualization .

  • Be Consistent: This is not a one shot deal . Work with your crystals often in order to manifest . The crystal energy of the Earth is a tool to help keep you grounded, positive and balanced. When you manifest from this vibration, magical things will happen. Treat them like your magic wand and keep them close to you . You can keep them on you throughout the day and under your pillow at night for a better nights sleep and clearer message downloads (dreams)

Crystal Wands

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