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Life Coaching VS Therapy. What is Life Coaching? How can Life Coaching help you along your journey?

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

We now offer Life Coaching Sessions because let's face it, adulting is HARD ! They've always said that it takes a village to raise a child. To be honest, it takes the support of a village to be a sane and healthy functioning adult.

Life is never a straight shot. There are ups & downs and lots of turbulence. Although it's helpful to have a support system through the highs and lows, for some people this isn't possible. Some people have no one to talk to and others just prefer to keep their private life private. However, as human beings it is important to be able to let all the steam out because it is unhealthy to keep it in. Unresolved trauma can hold us back in many aspects of our lives. People who keep their feelings bottled up inside tend to be depressive, anxious, and temperamental. Many people who suffer from the aforementioned symptoms greatly benefit from life coaching.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is the practice of coaching an individual or a group of individuals through life's highs and lows. Many people that are going through major changes such as starting a new career or business, loss of a loved one , developing or ending a relationship, going through a spiritual awakening, relocating & taking a leap of faith, or beginning to heal past & current traumas have found that life coaching has changed their lives for the better. Your life coach will use cognitive psychology & qualitative research to develop powerful questions that will help delve deep into your mindset to figure out your subconscious thoughts, habits, and fears and where they stem from. Many times people are diagnosed with mental illnesses by medical professionals to later find out all they needed was help healing & moving forward .

Life Coaching VS Therapy

  • In therapy, the client works with a medical professional to diagnose and resolve problematic beliefs, behaviors, & feelings. Therapy focuses on past traumas and issues to change self destructive habits, improve relationships and work through painful feelings. Therefore, therapy focuses on the past with the hope of resolving past issues and creating a happier future. Therapists need to diagnose you with a condition in order to charge your insurance even when you may not have a condition .

  • Life coaches use a special technique to identify and describe current problematic behaviors so the client can work to modify them. Although life coaching will help you discover what habits are causing setbacks and where they come from , life coaches focus more on how to solve your problems & therapy focuses more on why you're having a problem. Life coaches provide clients with tools & resources to help them out of the rut they are currently in . Life coaching sessions are more structured and focused on actionable strategies and visible growth.

How our Life Coaching stands out from the rest

  • Crystals & Herbs Life Coaching is done by a Certified Master Life Coach that is trained to dig deeper than the average Life Coaching program by also incorporating your birth chart in your session . We use your birth chart as part of our qualitative research to help us figure out the root of your habits, subconscious thoughts and behaviors . Your birth chart tells us about you , the life you were born into & what your soul is looking to accomplish during this lifetime . It helps to bring clarity and illuminate your path . Your birth chart will tell us about subconscious habits & behaviors you may not even notice are setting you back. Sometimes we are not sure why we think or do certain things but your life coach will be able to help you determine this. We use this information along with powerful questions to understand more about you which in return will help us provide you with the best answers , tools and resources that will help you change your mindset & succeed in all aspects of your life .

  • Our Life Coaching Sessions are affordable because for us, it's not all about the money . Here at Crystals & Herbs, we value you and we care about your wellbeing. We understand many people are going through economic hardships and some people that need help healing and moving forward cannot afford to spend an arm and a leg on therapy or life coaching . We take this into consideration when charging for these services .

  • Our Life Coaching Sessions provide immediate results. Most people feel better right after the first session . Some clients have contacted us after only 2 sessions to let us know how much things have changed in their lives for the better . These clients usually choose to continue their sessions so that they can create new & better habits using the tools and resources we provide.

  • We don't leave you hanging. We check in on you even after your sessions have completed . Our check ins are completely free and are just like a family member or friend calling to see how you're doing .

  • We offer a free 15 minute consultation prior to booking every session . This consultation gives us an idea of where you are mentally and emotionally . It also lets you know whether or not our services are for you . We would never take your money if we thought for any reason that we'd be unable to help you . In our history of life coaching , every client benefited from the free consult and ended up booking their sessions afterwards.

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I’m grateful for my life coach . This has changed my life tremendously. Sherrel is great at what she does and I’m glad I invested in myself .

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